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Building the Next Generation of HR Leaders

HR Studio PodcastHR Studio Podcast is designed to accelerate the development of new and aspiring HR leaders. Guests will include senior HR executives, thought-leaders, authors, speakers and trend-spotters from the field of HR and beyond. Listeners will learn what it takes to succeed in HR today through career stories and journeys; developmental references and resources; human capital trends and much more.   
Launched in March 2016, HR Studio Podcast consists of bi-weekly shows that run approximately 30 minutes. You can stream podcasts on this website and/or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Click the subscribe link above to be notified of new episodes and HR Studio Podcast news. We also invite you to join the conversation via the HR Studio Podcast LinkedIn Group (see below).
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HR Studio Podcast LinkedIn Group

This Group is a companion forum to HR Studio Podcast. Its purpose is to continue the dialogue and answer questions posed by our podcast guests.
All members are encouraged to share insights, ideas and experiences, as well as to seek answers to questions on what it takes to advance to a senior HR leadership role today.
Wherever you are on your HR career journey, we'd love to hear from you.
The HR Studio Podcast Team
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