Executive Coaching Conference 2017

Mar 06 | 9:00 am to Mar 08 | 1:00 pm
Westin New York at Times Square

14th Annual Executive Coaching Conference: Coaching for Change. Pre-Conference Seminar: The Future of Coaching: Designing and Managing Coaching Practices for the 21st Century. AJO will be attending.

About The Conference
Coaching has arrived in the business place and is quickly becoming an integral tool to help leaders, teams, and organizations thrive in constant change. At the 14th Annual Executive Coaching Conference, the focus will be on the many ways in which coaching is promoting agility. Using a variety of external, internal, team and group methods of coaching, organizations have been able to:

  • Develop more adaptable leaders.
  • Build up a more resilient workforce.
  • Create a more diverse human capital pipeline.
  • Increase the organization’s use of technological advances.
  • Improve the company culture.

Each year, new coaching initiatives, methods, and research inform our practice leaders on the most impactful ways to coach various populations within an organization. Thought leaders and your colleagues will explore the many ways that coaching can support change.

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