From the AJO Blog and Beyond - October 2018

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In the October 2018 edition of "From the AJO Blog and Beyond" we explore:
  • How to Leverage the Library & Internet For Your Job Search Research. In the fifth post in our six-part series on the best online resources for job seekers, we explore our top picks for researching careers, industries, companies, and individuals. We build on the resources introduced in our earlier posts in this series and explain why the Internet and your local library are your friends when it comes to career transition and job search research.
  • How to Create a Culture of Excellence - Learn to Color Inside the Lines. Culture architect and recent guest on HR Studio Podcast, Tony Moore offers advice on how to create a culture of excellence, drawing on his childhood experience of coloring to illustrate the importance of taking deliberate and intentional steps on the journey.
  • Global Mindset - A 2020 Leadership Competency. One of 10 competencies we identified as critical for 2020 leaders. What is a global mindset? How do you assess this competency? How do you develop it?
  • The Best Online Resources For Finding & Applying for Jobs. The first in our six-part series on The Best Online Resources for Job Seekers. Top picks for finding published openings online, as well as free and fee-based tools for ensuring you put your best resume forward when applying online.
  • Two new studies beyond the AJO Blog:
    • The State of HR Skills and Education 2018. This study by and BambooHR explores the amount and kind of education HR professionals have today and how that affects their workplace proficiency.
    • The Gig Economy and Alternative Work Arrangements. Gallup studied 5,025 working adults, aged 18 and older. This report explores their findings and the opportunities and challenges for companies looking for talent in a competitive marketplace.