Change Management

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91: What is HR's Role in Digital Transformation?

Tony Saldanha joins HR Studio Podcast to explain what digital transformation means and how it will impact every employee. He discusses the critical role that HR Leaders need to play – personally and professionally.

18: A Sense of Urgency - Driving Change

In this episode, Linda Hlavac interviews Dr. John P. Kotter, an authority on leadership and change. We learn John’s perspective on how change has evolved over the past 20 years; what leaders and their teams struggle most with when it comes to change or transformation initiatives; his latest book (That’s Not How We Do It Here!); and advice for aspiring HR leaders.

10: High-Impact Change Practitioners

What makes up a top 10% Change Management Practitioner?
Daryl Conner discusses Change Management Practitioners and what makes a High Impact Change Practitioner. The perspective Daryl brings to his work is informed by the patterns of success and failure he’s documented during his four decades of advising senior executives as they orchestrate fundamental change.

08: A New Transformative Way of Leadership

Doug Kirkpatrick discusses the implementation and structure of a self-managed organization. He is the author of Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization; an organizational change consultant; TEDx and keynote speaker; executive coach; writer; and educator. He holds degrees in economics and law and is a Senior Professional in Human Resources with the Society for Human Resource Management. He currently serves as Director for the Association for Talent Development.