Future of HR

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59: How To Advance Your HR Career And Your HR Function

Ian Ziskin makes a return appearance on HR Studio Podcast to discuss the 2018 EXcelerating HR™ Conference, an edgy forum designed to facilitate shared HR learning. He also discusses the CHREATE Project, which has been exploring the forces of change having a profound impact on the nature of work and HR. Key takeaways from our conversation are important issues that HR is, or needs to be advancing and what HR professionals need to be doing to advance the function and their careers.

25: Becoming an Inspirational HR Leader

Gordon Tredgold offers advice for new HR leaders, sharing insights on how to inspire your team through focus, accountability, simplicity and transparency. You’ll love his great anecdotes, sports analogies and real life examples. Gordon led teams of 1000+ staff for Fortune 100 companies and is now an international speaker, critically acclaimed author, executive and business coach.

22: Disruption in HR

What do you find disruptive in HR? What does HR need to do to reinvent itself to minimize the disruption, to navigate the changing landscape and to rebrand itself to its business partners - to ensure a seat at the table? Nancy Harris joins Kyle O’Connor to discuss these thought-provoking topics.

09: The Future of HR

Author, speaker, trend-watcher and HR thought-leader Ian Ziskin gives listeners a preview of tomorrow’s Human Resources function and skill sets. Ian’s global leadership experience includes serving as CHRO in Northrop Grumman, Qwest Communications and TRW. He has written two books: THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive and Willbe: 13 Reasons WillBe’s are Luckier than WannaBe’s. He’s a contributing author to The Rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders.

02: Future HR leaders - How Are You Adding Value?

Dr. William A. Schiemann is an HR thought-leader, author and global keynote speaker. He offers powerful advice to current and future HR leaders on why and how to adopt analytics in HR; critical skills for future HR leaders; and the challenges and opportunities for future generations. Bill has authored several books, including collaborating with Dave Ulirch and others on the Rise of HR.