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Ep 100: Psychological Safety - Why This Leadership Skill Is Critical

Dr. Timothy Clark introduces us to a hot and overlooked topic in leadership development – psychological safety. Tim defines the four stages of psychological safety and makes the case for why leaders need to develop this skill, which he argues few have mastered. He offers two suggestions for leaders to create an environment needed for innovation to occur, describing the two skillsets that leaders need to navigate to foster that environment.

Ep 98: Mindfulness - What It Is And Why It’s Important

Ora Nadrich raises the alarm on the impact of stress that is taking its toll on our business and personal lives. Hear Ora explain what mindfulness is and why it’s increasingly important today. Learn several easy to implement techniques to help you manage people and stressful situations and to become more productive. HR leaders will benefit personally from this episode, as well as gain insights into HR's role in supporting others.

Ep 95: How To Build Trust And Achieve Success Through Better Connections

Melanie Katzman discusses the importance of connecting with others to personally build a foundation of trust and what organizations can do to build that trust in their culture. Katzman has found that connecting with others as humans is the solution to almost any workplace conflict, a topic she touches on in this podcast. HR leaders will pick up actionable advice on how to connect with others, as well as an important message for HR leaders about how to bring about change, starting with you.

Ep 94: Leaders - Why And How To Lead With A Story

Business storyteller, author, and leadership speaker Paul Smith explains the 'art and the science' behind leadership storytelling, a skill all HR Leaders can and should develop to successfully influence others. 10 important stories that all leaders need to be able to tell; 2 that HR leaders need to have at their disposal; and the key elements of a successful story. Learn how to tell stories and coach your leaders to uncover theirs.

86: Have You Activated Your Leadership Courage?

Bill Treasurer believes the world needs more courageous leaders. In this episode, he shares how he found his courage and offers advice on how you can find yours. Bill explains what courage is, the different types of courage, and the role that gender and career progression plays in the type of courage that a person will manifest. He offers advice on how to develop your courage and to inspire a climate of courage around you.

74: What it Takes to Be a Successful HR Warrior

Are you passionate about a Human Resources career but concerned about the perception of HR? Does making an impact on the human experience in the workplace bring you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment but cautiousness about choosing HR as a career for the long haul? Do you have what it takes to be a successful HR warrior? Keri Ohlrich discusses the function’s reputation and challenges. She explores what it takes to be successful and introduces listeners to the HR CHARGE framework that ambitious HR professionals can leverage to reach their potential. 

68: Strengthen Your Leadership Language – Who’s In the Empty Chair?

Leadership language expert Chris Westfall explains what an elevator pitch is and how leaders can share their vision in a compelling way by harnessing leadership language. Chris offers tips and practical advice to engage with your audience, accelerate your results and be more persuasive. How to understand your listener’s agenda and who sits in the ’empty chair’.

59: How To Advance Your HR Career And Your HR Function

Ian Ziskin makes a return appearance on HR Studio Podcast to discuss the 2018 EXcelerating HR™ Conference, an edgy forum designed to facilitate shared HR learning. He also discusses the CHREATE Project, which has been exploring the forces of change having a profound impact on the nature of work and HR. Key takeaways from our conversation are important issues that HR is, or needs to be advancing and what HR professionals need to be doing to advance the function and their careers.

54: How To Pay Attention To Make Attention Pay

Neen James describes three attention types, Return on Attention (ROA), and how to determine what needs your attention each day. She’ll share her thoughts and ideas on why it’s hard for HR professionals to say ‘no’, how to create a culture of attention, and ways in which HR leaders can think about who and what needs their attention. Neen concludes with advice on how HR leaders can pay more attention and make deliberate, conscious choices to be more intentional with their attention.

51: How to be the Champion of Coach Like Behavior

In this follow up podcast, Michael Bungay Stanier shares insights into why managers resist coaching, how to overcome their objections, and how to build coaching habits in your organization. He outlines three dysfunctional organizational roles and the one that HR tends to play to its detriment. He’ll share his tips for avoiding the “Drama Triangle” and adopting more ‘coach-like’ behaviors.  

23: The Power of CHOICE

Denise Yosafat is a Consultant and Executive/Leadership Coach for AJO, specializing in strategic planning, organizational development and change management. Most recently Denise has added author to her biography by writing "The Power of CHOICE: Six Steps to Get What You Want out of Life." Her new book and the subject of making choices and decisions is the topic for this episode.

20: Cultural Agility – Moving the Needle on Global Leadership Competencies

Dr. Paula Caligiuri, author of Cultural Agility: Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals, discusses three competencies that predict success in other cultures. She also discusses a unique program for high-potential employees to gain cultural agility and leadership skills necessary to grow, innovate and create competitive advantage in our global economy.

19: The Impact of Learning Agility

Linda Hlavac hosts a discussion on the importance and impact of learning agility with Dr. Linda Gravett, co-author of  Learning Agility: The Impact on Recruitment and Retention. Linda makes the business case for how and why HR professionals need to understand and develop learning agility for personal and organizational success.

15: The Transformative Leader

Amir Ghannad discusses becoming a transformative leader – to boldly declare, courageously pursue and abundantly achieve the extraordinary. He offers advice for HR leaders on preparing for and excelling in a leadership role. Amir’s coaching and training has empowered hundreds of leaders to deliver extraordinary results and achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

14: The “Superstition Trap” & “In Spite Of List”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the number one executive coach and thought leader on leadership coaching. This episode will be of interest to all listeners who coach others in leadership roles; through internal/external coaching roles; or informally coaching colleagues. Learn the pitfalls and superstitions to which smart leaders become susceptible and what it takes to improve leadership skills and become a better coach.

05: How Brain Science Can Change Your Life & Make You A Better Leader

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential Through Brain Science
Dr Srini Pillay introduces his work in the area of brain science, offering powerful concepts and techniques that are not only life-changing, but can also strengthen leadership skills. Dr. Srini Pillay is CEO of NeuroBusiness Group (NBG), voted one of the "Top 20 Movers and Shakers" in leadership development in the world by Training Industry in 2013.