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91: What is HR's Role in Digital Transformation?

Tony Saldanha joins HR Studio Podcast to explain what digital transformation means and how it will impact every employee. He discusses the critical role that HR Leaders need to play – personally and professionally.

75: How to Apply Human-Centered Design and Agile Concepts in HR

Jeff Gothelf, an author, speaker, and executive coach, focuses on helping organizations build better products and executives build better cultures that build better products. Jeff will challenge you to think about what people will be doing differently if a program or initiative is successful. Learn what it means to be agile and the role that HR can play in leading transformation. 

69: What Is Iteration and How Can HR Benefit?

Ed Muzio is an expert in the scientific study of measuring and modifying human behavior. He explains “Iteration” - the way effective organizations solve problems and achieve complex goals. He describes the iteration process and how HR can leverage it to drive its own agenda and strategic initiatives.

66: Why and How To Become An Effective Strategic HR Leader

Ash Seddeek shares the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Strategic Leaders based on his coaching and book research. He discusses how HR leaders can adopt these habits to position themselves as strategic business partners and internal consultants within their organizations. 

45: How Digital Can Create Value in HR

Dan Croitor is a young entrepreneur in digital HR who has recruited and led hundreds of IT developers. He joins us to talk about his personal career journey and to share insights on how digital creates the opportunity for tracking, supporting measurement and analytics in HR. We’ll learn about the application of the “Employee Lifetime Value” and Dan’s latest research led to the development of HR content that people want to consume. 

35: Can HR Transform to Truly Impact Business Success?

Mark Fogel, former CHRO and CMO, argues that in order to transform itself and impact business success, HR needs an attitude. He draws the distinction between those who will make the transformation and those who won't and shares what he sees as the behaviors critical for success within the profession. 

29: The HR ‘Watch Out’ – Be A Business Leader First, An HR Professional Second

Chief Business and Talent Officer, Girl Scouts of the USA and Founder of Who’s Got Next in HR, Joanne Rencher, advises HR professionals why and how to be a business leader first and an HR professional second. She shares valuable career advice designed to ensure your personal professional needle is moving. We learn more about Who’s Got Next in HR which listeners are invited to join (free).  

27: How to Transform HR from Administrative After-Thought to True Business Partner

Jack Bucalo explains why CEOs might not understand the true value HR can offer. He demonstrates why and how HR can align services to its organization’s business strategies and objectives to be seen as a true business partner. He offers practical examples to illustrate how HR can demonstrate its value and avoid the function being viewed as an “administrative after-thought.” On leadership development, Jack explains why an executive’s skills development needs to be a mix of 75% hard skills and 25% soft skills.

17: HR at the Table – The Valued Business Partner

In this episode, Guy Pedelini, VP of HR at Dialogic shares his career journey, lessons learned and critical skills and competencies acquired. He offers advice on how HR can contribute to organizational strategy. Guy has been described by his colleagues as having the strength to focus HR efforts to truly support a business and its strategic plan.

09: The Future of HR

Author, speaker, trend-watcher and HR thought-leader Ian Ziskin gives listeners a preview of tomorrow’s Human Resources function and skill sets. Ian’s global leadership experience includes serving as CHRO in Northrop Grumman, Qwest Communications and TRW. He has written two books: THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive and Willbe: 13 Reasons WillBe’s are Luckier than WannaBe’s. He’s a contributing author to The Rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders.

02: Future HR leaders - How Are You Adding Value?

Dr. William A. Schiemann is an HR thought-leader, author and global keynote speaker. He offers powerful advice to current and future HR leaders on why and how to adopt analytics in HR; critical skills for future HR leaders; and the challenges and opportunities for future generations. Bill has authored several books, including collaborating with Dave Ulirch and others on the Rise of HR.

06: Zig Zag Your Way to the Top

Marie Armenio shares her career journey to the top of HR. She shares insights on what it takes to be a successful HR Leader today, along with advice for those aspiring to a leadership role in HR. Her passions; top picks for staying up to date; and more are explored in this week's podcast. Marie has held senior HR roles within Realogy, Novartis and Becton Dickinson and now consults to organizations on strategic organizational and leadership.