Talent Acquisition

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45: How Digital Can Create Value in HR

Dan Croitor is a young entrepreneur in digital HR who has recruited and led hundreds of IT developers. He joins us to talk about his personal career journey and to share insights on how digital creates the opportunity for tracking, supporting measurement and analytics in HR. We’ll learn about the application of the “Employee Lifetime Value” and Dan’s latest research led to the development of HR content that people want to consume. 

44: How to Acquire Talent Via Text Messaging

Aman Brar, Co-founder, CEO and Board Member of Canvas, the world’s first text-based interviewing platform and Kelly Lavin, Canvas’ Chief Talent Officer, talk about launching their start-up. They discuss the Canvas culture, the talent acquisition platform itself and how it’s helping their clients and their own organization acquire talent. Tune in too for advice on making early HR career decisions and success factors. 

16: ‘Meet at least one new person a day.’

The Importance of Networking and Connecting. Matthew West of Advice Personnel talks to Linda Hlavac about his (unplanned) career path and how he leveraged his natural propensity for networking and connecting with people, as well as a tenacity and curiosity to become a Chief Talent Officer of his previous company. He shares thoughts on critical skills needed by HR professionals and offers advice on how to successfully network for personal and professional growth.

13: Research-Based Talent Acquisition

Dr. Steven Lindner shares important insights on talent acquisition and leadership development. From his work in the field of talent acquisition and assessment, Dr. Lindner reveals what research has uncovered on how candidates are selected for interviews, the impact of employment gaps in a resume, and how to mitigate them. He will also share key success factors in hiring and discuss the benefits of instituting leadership development programs.