Transformational Leadership

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88: Transformation through Quality, Improvement, and Innovation

Marcia Daszko is one of the world’s leading business strategists and catalysts for leadership and organizational transformation. In this episode, she discusses her early mentors and what she believes is a loss of fundamental leadership strategies. She draws a distinction between improvement and innovation and outlines steps leaders can take to change the status quo. Read on for Marcia’s post podcast reflections.  

75: How to Apply Human-Centered Design and Agile Concepts in HR

Jeff Gothelf, an author, speaker, and executive coach, focuses on helping organizations build better products and executives build better cultures that build better products. Jeff will challenge you to think about what people will be doing differently if a program or initiative is successful. Learn what it means to be agile and the role that HR can play in leading transformation. 

15: The Transformative Leader

Amir Ghannad discusses becoming a transformative leader – to boldly declare, courageously pursue and abundantly achieve the extraordinary. He offers advice for HR leaders on preparing for and excelling in a leadership role. Amir’s coaching and training has empowered hundreds of leaders to deliver extraordinary results and achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment.