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Ep 100: Psychological Safety - Why This Leadership Skill Is Critical

Dr. Timothy Clark introduces us to a hot and overlooked topic in leadership development – psychological safety. Tim defines the four stages of psychological safety and makes the case for why leaders need to develop this skill, which he argues few have mastered. He offers two suggestions for leaders to create an environment needed for innovation to occur, describing the two skillsets that leaders need to navigate to foster that environment.

Ep 99: How To Become The Leader Your Team Is Waiting For

Jonathan Raymond shares his personal career journey and how it has shaped his philosophy and work today. He discusses trust and how to build it, the importance of authenticity, and how to listen while paying attention to the context. He outlines two tools that help provide feedback – The Accountability Dial™ and ‘four corners of impact,’ concluding with advice to HR leaders.

Ep 98: Mindfulness - What It Is And Why It’s Important

Ora Nadrich raises the alarm on the impact of stress that is taking its toll on our business and personal lives. Hear Ora explain what mindfulness is and why it’s increasingly important today. Learn several easy to implement techniques to help you manage people and stressful situations and to become more productive. HR leaders will benefit personally from this episode, as well as gain insights into HR's role in supporting others.

Ep 95: How To Build Trust And Achieve Success Through Better Connections

Melanie Katzman discusses the importance of connecting with others to personally build a foundation of trust and what organizations can do to build that trust in their culture. Katzman has found that connecting with others as humans is the solution to almost any workplace conflict, a topic she touches on in this podcast. HR leaders will pick up actionable advice on how to connect with others, as well as an important message for HR leaders about how to bring about change, starting with you.

Ep 94: Leaders - Why And How To Lead With A Story

Business storyteller, author, and leadership speaker Paul Smith explains the 'art and the science' behind leadership storytelling, a skill all HR Leaders can and should develop to successfully influence others. 10 important stories that all leaders need to be able to tell; 2 that HR leaders need to have at their disposal; and the key elements of a successful story. Learn how to tell stories and coach your leaders to uncover theirs.

92: How To Enable Employees To Grow Their Organizations

Elay Cohen discusses his work enabling employees and organizations in order to accelerate business growth. He argues that HR leaders can be part of the strategic business conversation by coming to the table with an enablement-first mindset for modern learning. Listen in to hear Elay's perspectives on engagement versus enablement, the importance of digital transformation in accelerating change, and the importance of personalized learning aligned to business goals and metrics.