22: Disruption in HR

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What do you find disruptive in HR? What does HR need to do to reinvent itself to minimize the disruption, to navigate the changing landscape and to rebrand itself to its business partners - to ensure a seat at the table? Nancy Harris joins Kyle O’Connor to discuss these thought-provoking topics. Nancy is a cutting edge HR leader. She has worked for organizations such as Ford and BP who was rated ‘Best Place to Work’ in Chicago under her leadership. She leads forums that focus on innovation in HR and is a Co-Founder of Disrupt HR, Chicago.

Key Learnings From This Episode

  • Nancy’s passion: Nancy’s passion is ‘Innovation’ - having the opportunity to innovate in HR and help clients transform processes that no longer serve employees or organizations.
  • How did Nancy transition into a more innovative HR role? As Nancy worked with great HR professionals, she realized HR was still ‘fighting’ to get a seat at the table. Nancy also looked at some of the processes HR was using (Performance Management as an example) that had still not evolved over the past 20 years and she felt there must be more innovative ways to implement and manage some of the typical HR processes. She wanted to see how they could do things differently to elevate the function and elevate the organizations they worked in. She began listening to some of the webinars run by the University of Southern California (Dr. John Boudreau) including its work around the ‘future of work’ and what HR needs to look like to lead and support and lead the future of work.
  • Nancy Harris - Disrupt Human Resources - Disrupt HRWhat is ‘Disrupt HR’? DisruptHR started in Ohio with a small group of people. It began with the idea of launching an event that would bring together speakers who would talk about the things that are disruptive in HR. The speakers would include HR practitioners, founders of startups, and others. They would use an ‘ignite format’ where presenters would have five minutes to cover their topic. They had a tremendous response and decided to expand to other cities. It is now a global phenomenon. Nancy is the Co-Founder of DisruptHR Chicago and the organization’s second Chicago event took place in October, selling out weeks prior to the event. 
  • What is CHREATE? CHREATE was started at the University of Southern California at its Center for Effective Organizations. CHREATE stands for the Global Consortium to Reimagine HR Employment Activities, Talent and the Enterprise. It started three years ago when Dr. John Boudreau and several high level CHROs got together in a room to discuss what HR needed to look like in the future. Everyone agreed HR needed to reinvent itself. The group has now grown to 70 people. During a summit in May of 2016, everyone came together to focus on work streams related to reshaping HR. They are now talking about how to familiarize more people about the great work CHREATE has done and how they can apply the findings in their organizations.
  • What does Nancy envision for HR leaders in the future? Nancy sees the future of work as ‘now’ with HR being at the forefront, leading the conversation; really knowing the changes that are happening with technology; and how that is going to impact the workforce.
  • The New Leader Change Model: The Model is work Nancy co-developed with a former Accenture colleague. They saw new leaders who were previously individual contributors, step into leadership roles and fall flat. They learned that new leaders did not know how to navigate and manage change. They developed a leadership model that incorporated leadership and change frameworks to get leaders up to speed quickly and efficiently and to provide them with a guide to help them step into leadership roles.
  • What should new leaders be mindful of? The model has 5 ‘C’s’, one of which is Continuity. New leaders typically want to change everything. There needs to be some continuity and consistency – what is working right now, what we need to change now, and what do we need to change later and putting a plan in place to support it.

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Nancy Harris HR Studio Podcast Notes
Nancy Harris HR Studio Podcast Notes
New Leader Change Model
New Leader Change Model
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 8:00am
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