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Andy O'Connor, President of AJO
Hi, I'm Andy O'Connor, President of A.J. O'Connor Associates. I wanted to personally introduce you to the AJO networks which have been established during my tenure as President. I am personally a strong proponent of networking and attribute the success my company to the lasting business and personal relationships I have been fortunate to develop during my career.
AJO promotes best practices through several of its own networking forums which are described on the following pages. Each group caters to a particular audience and meets at different intervals and venues. To learn more, select a forum of interest. Membership is typically by invitation, but we will certainly be open if you fit the profile for a group of interest.
  • HR Leader Exchange (HRLE) meets four times a year and is designed for Senior Human Resources Executives in the tri-state area. Founded in 2008 as The Senior HR Advisory Board (SHRAB), the name of this group changed in January 2018.
  • HR Studio Podcast is our first virtual forum, designed for HR Leaders everywhere. HR Studio Podcast consists of bi-weekly podcasts lasting between 20 and 40 minutes. Guests include HR leaders, authors, writers and other thought leaders from the HR field. 
  • Advancing Women Leaders (AWL) launches on Oct 24th, 2019. Quarterly meetings are designed to promote and support the development of executive women leaders and address issues holding women back. 
  • Coaches Forum meets every six weeks with the goal of promoting knowledge and skill development among AJO Executive and Career Coaches. Organizational learning and development professionals are also welcome to attend.
  • Executive Networking Forum meets every other week at AJO's offices in Parsippany. It's a by invitation only networking group that caters to the needs of senior executives in career transition.
  • Networking Forum (NetForum) is specifically designed for AJO career transition participants who are seeking ways to develop strong networks during their transition.