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Executive Coaching for Growth & Development


March 9th, 2011

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August 19, 2013 - 4:27pm

Top Trends in Coaching, Team and Leadership Development

In our series on top trends in coaching, team and leadership development, we report on executive coaching for growth and coaching as a means to accelerate development and optimize performance. Click here for Trend 1: Growth of Executive Coaching

Trend 2: Executive Coaching for Growth

What AJO Is Seeing:

Projects reflecting business growth increased in the last twelve months. Examples include:

  • Strategic leadership development and strategic planning
  • Business development and sales coaching
  • Innovation for human resources functions and product development
  • Team development, visioning, and branding
  • Corporate learning systems to enable innovation and adaptability. Uses of informal and continuous learning are increasing.

Trend 3: Coaching to Accelerate Development and Optimize Performance

In addition to an overall increase in the use of coaching, its use as a preferred method of strategic leadership development is also on the rise. Organizations are targeting their coaching investment at their high performers because of the anticipated bottom line impact.

  • 80% of engagements focus on high-potential development, assimilation to a new leadership role, mobility/career management, and development of executive capabilities
  • Less than 10% of our current engagements involve addressing derailing behavior

What Others Are Reporting:

Our own findings are corroborated by:

  1. Workforce Management Feb 2011 article by Garry Kranz, entitled: “Coaching Takes Center Stage.” Kranz suggests, “Rather than trying to “fix” underachievers, organizations are pairing high performers with coaches to accelerate their development—and get the best return on investment.”
  2. Sherpa’s Executive Coaching Study 2011: This study concurs with our findings in that coaching is most often used to help emerging leaders get better at their role. Over the six years that Sherpa has been tracking, the amount of coaching used to solve a specific problem has dropped by a third.
  3. Conference Board 2010 Coaching Study: According to the latest Conference Board study, development coaching and assessment debriefings are the most common types of coaching done by both internal and external coaches.
  4. Best HR Ideas for 2011: HREOnline conducted a poll of the its readers. 92% of HR leaders indicated that innovation is very important (59%) or important (33%) to their business' success. Plus, 89% responded that HR plays a significant (38%), somewhat significant (32%) or very significant (19%) role in fostering innovation in their organization.
  5. Enterprise Learning and Talent Management 2011 Bersin's complimentary report references findings from several of its studies to make predictions for 2011. Among the trends highlighted are a business focus on innovation, growth and new product development and the need for a continuous learning model which incorporates informal learning.