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Dignity & Respect Campaign - More from WDLS 2010


October 20th, 2010

- Updated on

June 14, 2018 - 1:41pm

Looking for a fun engaging way to introduce your organization to inclusion?

Inclusion = Dignity + Respect.

The University of Pittsburg Medical Center developed a fun campaign for promoting dignity and respect. Take the pledge and learn the 30 tips to promoting dignity and respect at the Dignity and Respect Campaign.

We loved this way-cool video with rockin’ music and jazzy visuals, counts down the 30 tips to inclusion.

At the WDLS 2010 conference, 30 people were volunteered to shout the tips aloud and do a generational dance move while the video rocked the jumbotron.

Take the Pledge

  • Pick a tip each day, and follow it.
  • Incorporate the dignity and respect tips and pledge into existing events and activities.
  • Select a tip to be a theme for a meeting or event.
  • Introduce someone new to the dignity and respect campaign.
  • Add a dignity and respect footer to your email messages (i.e. "Inclusion begins with a core belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect" or one of the tips).
  • When you witness acts of dignity and respect, acknowledge them.
  • Start using the phrase 'dignity and respect' - when you say it, mean it.