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How Perfect Is Your Pitch Presentation?


October 18th, 2018

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October 18, 2018 - 12:20pm
Earlier this month, BioNJ and the New Jersey Economic Development (NJEDA) sponsored a “Pitch Perfect Presentation” Workshop for bio entrepreneurs. This half day event attracted 37 attendees, including BioNJ, NJEDA, speakers and sponsors.
In addition to the networking opportunity, the goal was to help biotech entrepreneurs hone their skills in order to deliver powerful pitches to investors at critical stages of their growth.
BioNJ, NJEDA, speakers and sponsors at Pitch Perfect Workshop
Shown above: BioNJ, NJEDA, speakers and sponsors

Fred Bunsa presents at Pitch Perfect Workshop

AJO was pleased to support the event and Fred Bunsa, VP, Client Engagement, was one of five presenters and coaches. 

If you’re a “Shark Tank” fan you’ll know the impact a weak presentation can have on the outcome, no matter how good the product or service. So how to deliver a great presentation that gets the result you are seeking?

Key Takeaways to Make Your Pitch Presentation Perfect

After learning why and how to create an elevator pitch, participants broke into groups to practice. Each sub-group was assigned a presenter who facilitated the practice sessions.
Key takeaways for any pitch, whether it’s for a job or to sell a product or service:
  • Keep it short and understandable enough that your audience can play back your pitch
  • Know your audience and the expectations of audience members. What’s in it for them?
  • Know your competition and how you are different
  • Grab the audience’s attention with your unique value proposition
  • Employ vocal variety (voice pitch, pauses, projection and energy)
  • Pay attention to body posture (stand tall, move purposefully, avoid distracting gestures, make eye contact)
  • Use visuals – the brain processes visuals 60,000 time faster than text
  • Do your homework - before and after your pitch
  • Present a high level overview, but a detailed project plan for follow up conversations
  • Anticipate questions, including those that probe your weaknesses

And remember ...

Amateurs practice versus professionals quote
To download our elevator pitch template (PDF), click the graphic below.
Elevator pitch worksheet