Custom and Group Career Transition Solutions

Custom Solutions

  • Do you need help configuring career transition services for a special group or project?
  • Is your budget tight?
  • Is an “out of the box” solution warranted?
  • Is a long notice period occurring, causing concern that employees remain engaged while also devoting time to their career transition?
At AJO, we partner with clients to custom design services for non-standard situations for every budget. We have several creative options up our sleeves where conventional career transition configurations just don’t work.
This includes services that allow individuals to continue working where a facility is closing over a period of time or geographically distributed employees that would have participated in a workshop if they were in the same location.
Learn how we created a one-off custom design and delivered results that exceeded expectations in the following case study.

Group Services

Our group workshops are ideal for non-exempt to exempt individual contributors and can be conducted at your facilities, our offices or offsite.

Workshops are highly interactive and designed to ensure a balance of knowledge, skill and confidence building; in addition to addressing individual needs, questions and concerns.

Workshop formats typically cover the following topics, although the group's knowledge and expertise are always taken into account to ensure the appropriate emphasis is provided where necessary: 

  • Career decision-making
  • Organizing the job search
  • Approaching the job market, incorporating conventional and social media strategies and tactics
  • Developing effective marketing & networking tools
  • Interviewing
  • Evaluating offers and negotiating.
Participants will have the opportunity to preview AJO’s My Career Navigator, which will be available post workshops until successful transition. 
Optional follow up one-on-one career coaching can be added post workshop if desired.