Executive Career Transition

Senior executives prefer the privacy and confidentiality afforded by working in a separate career transition environment than that used by non-executive employees from their organizations. For this reason, AJO is often retained to work with senior executives when all employee levels are impacted by a downsizing. Selecting a coach who most closely matches key criteria such as personality and style, process, experience, credentials and business awareness is critical to a successful and strategic partnership. We encourage organizations to allow their executives to choose their career transition provider and to interview the coach with whom they would be matched. Senior executives demand highly customized programs that meet their unique needs or they will not engage in the process.

Career Coach & Advisory Team

Each executive is assigned a Senior Career Coach, who taps a team of experts as needed, all of whom are accomplished in transition and executive coaching with business leaders. Our coach begins with a customized assessment of the executive’s leadership skills, style, accomplishments, strengths, needs and career/personal life goals. The outcome of this assessment provides a strategic direction for the transition process.

Executive Networking

Age and income are the two most significant factors impacting job search duration. The more highly compensated, the more important it is to network into new opportunities. While executives typically know many people, it is also true that most fail to maintain their personal and business networks. Building and strengthening networks that support the target objectives is a key focus of the services we offer senior executives. Plus, we'll seek opportunities to make introductions to senior leaders in order to expand networking opportunities in target organizations and industries. Our President, Andrew O’Connor III is always personally available, tapping his extensive network for the benefit of senior executive candidates.
Finally, senior executives who meet the specific credentials are invited to participate in our Executive Networking Forum which meets every other week with the goal of expanding their networks.

Program Flexibility

AJO services are not limited by time, so executives can work at a desired pace.

Here's What They're Saying

"Jan has been very resourceful, supportive and helpful in the development of my updated marketing materials. She has been very diplomatic and refreshingly direct in her feedback to me. I appreciate her candor."
VP - Consumer Electronics
"Alan was the right balance for me of prodding but not pushing. He was very insightful and knowledgeable about the insurance industry and my role. Alan listens, interprets and gives meaningful suggestions, not just stock answers."
Senior VP, Insurance Industry
"My coach was very helpful with the interviewing skills. I learned quite a bit and our interaction helped give me confidence going into interviews. As well, the assistance with my resume and especially my LinkedIn profile was great."
Director of Sales