Redeployment services afford employees who are impacted by restructuring the opportunity to successfully market themselves for open positions elsewhere in your organization. Redeployment can be a successful talent retention strategy in the following scenarios:

  • Your organization is hiring and restructuring simultaneously and needs to ensure impacted employees are not overlooked for open positions where their skills are a match
  • Your organization is undergoing a merger, acquisition or department restructure where employees may be competing for roles in the new structure   
Working with a Career Coach, employees typically receive assistance in:
  • Marketing materials (resume and online profiles, including LinkedIn)
  • Correspondence 
  • Internal networking 
  • Interview preparation and performance
Ask us for more information on how we might custom our services to meet a unique redeployment need you are facing. 

The talent supply and demand equation have changed the way companies view the talent lifecycle and talent management process from sourcing to transitioning employees. It is also transforming the way companies treat departing employees. Gone are the days of viewing employees as a depreciated asset. Human resources are now human capital – an investment to be grown and treasured for the long-term profitability of the organization. Organizations committed to redeployment as a means to leverage talent must define and execute a redeployment process.