Career Transition Partnership Results

Working with Individuals in Career Transition

In our work with individuals, success is measured in several ways. In a study of program outcomes and benefits, participants have shared with us that working closely with our senior consultants, they have:

  • Acquired the knowledge, skills and behaviors to successfully market themselves 
  • Developed self-efficacy and confidence to explore new options and avenues
  • Established a competitive edge in the market
  • Transitioned to new roles that in many cases, proved to be better opportunities than those they left
  • Learned the importance of ongoing career management for future career success
  • Appreciated the assistance and support provided by their former employers. Indeed, most cite that they would consider returning to a former employer.

The following are examples of individuals who have successfully reached their goals through AJO career transition services:

  • A hospitality industry executive established his own consulting firm, with a focus on helping the hotel industry look for ways to reduce costs.
  • A research associate was offered a position as a quality assurance technician after one interview, following AJO training in interviewing techniques.
  • A business development manager used advanced networking techniques to obtain a new position in sales, with a salary increase of nearly $40K.

Case Study: Supporting Individuals Working Through A Notice Period

A risk management organization notified over fifty corporate employees that their jobs were being eliminated due to divestiture. With a limited budget, the organization spoke to several career transition providers with the objective of ensuring that the team stayed productive, motivated and forward looking during what would be an extended notice period of over six months.

In the course of several discussions and meetings, various options were explored that:

  • Addressed costs and accommodated budget constraints
  • Provided support that would be of real value to employees impacted
  • Enabled employees to begin their programs while serving their notice periods


In partnership with our client, AJO designed a customized program that consisted of the following components:

  1. Four group workshops, each of two days duration. These were delivered at AJO’s office over a two month period, while employees were still working
  2. Three hours of individual coaching that each employee could spend with an assigned AJO career coach once he/she was off payroll. This personalized attention was designed to ensure each person’s unique needs would be met
  3. AJO Portal until successful transition, providing access to tools, resources and learning that would be available 24/7 as long as needed


  • Word of mouth feedback on the workshop and the AJO workshop facilitator resulted in 96% attendance among the impacted group over the course of the four workshops
  • Self-reported job market and job search knowledge increased from 2.6 before the workshop to 4.6 after the workshop (based on a 5.0 scale)
  • The organization acknowledged that not only was this the right thing for their employees, but they had also created a more positive environment as individuals served their notice periods

Here's What They're Saying

All the goals identified and agreed during the design phase were fully accomplished, thanks to the caring, compassion and close partnership between our two organizations. At AJO, we are strong advocates of allowing employees to start services when extended notice periods are in play. It’s a win/win for the individual and the organization, as this case study clearly demonstrates
SVP HR - Risk Management Industry