Coaching High Fives

on April 24th, 2019
- Updated on October 8th, 2019
For leaders and HR Leaders considering executive coaching, this post explores why it can be a career-changing benefit to a leader and his/her organization. Insights from 100 leaders coached by AJO. Leadership development ideas and resources for individuals and organizations. 
on September 14th, 2017
- Updated on March 21st, 2018
Two true stories of recent leadership coaching engagements demonstrate the power of the partnership between a great leadership coach and leaders who are willing to change.
on January 19th, 2017
- Updated on October 21st, 2019
AJO Executive Coach Denise Yosafat describes what is a very typical leadership coaching scenario of a stalled career. She outlines six steps to grow leadership capabilities and advance in a leadership journey, sharing a leader's story from her recently published book - The Power of CHOICE: Six Steps to Get What you Want out of Life.