Coaching High Fives

on March 24th, 2015
- Updated on June 14th, 2018
Do you have a regional accent? Have you wondered if it’s holding you back?
In this post we share some tips for strengthening your speech communication and professional presence. It worked for our executive coaching client and it can for you too whatever your regional accent!  
on February 2nd, 2015
- Updated on February 24th, 2016
In part one of this two part blog, AJO’s VP, Team & Leadership Development, Oneida Werger shares a recent coaching engagement success story. In spite of being the #1 producing retail manager in the U.S., Joe’s accent was holding him back. He was denied a promotion because the company’s executives “didn’t like the way he talked.” Read on to find out what happened.    
on May 26th, 2011
- Updated on June 14th, 2018
Pete is a successful, high potential leader in his organization, a multinational pharmaceutical organization. He served in the Marines and possesses the many characteristics you would expect from someone with an accomplished military career on his resume: he’s goal oriented, no-nonsense and hard to get to know. Interestingly, his team saw Pete very differently than Pete’s peers and bosses...