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on July 25th, 2018
- Updated on July 26th, 2018
AJO's guide to the latest must read HR and business books to gain a fresh approach to talent management, recruiting, engaging and retaining the talent, and earning a seat at the table. Plus, top recommended blogs for HR professionals to follow.
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on June 20th, 2018
- Updated on June 5th, 2019
In an effort to understand whether HR is making progress as a strategic business partner, this is the first of a two-part post. We start with a definition of an HR Business Partner (HRBP). With insights from three expert sources, we ask our HR post readers in our short (2-minute) survey to share their experience. Is HR at the table? Are we there yet? This is Part One in a Three Part Series on Strategic HR/HR Transformation.
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on July 19th, 2010
- Updated on February 6th, 2017

In our recent study of NJ HR Business Leaders (Feb 2010), we were interested to know which HR sources of information were valued for staying current. Surprisingly, HR Blogs were the least valued with only 2% rating them high or very high.

Surprising, yes - since blogs are one of the best sources for current news (before information appears in other mediums). Plus, they are a great source for topical commentary on subjects of interest to a community.