Considering Executive Coaching?

Included below are some of the common reasons that leaders have engaged an AJO Executive / Leadership Coach and experienced excellent results. Please browse the information in this section and call me with any questions. I am Annmarie Fairweather, VP, Talent Development and you can leave me a message on 1-800-539-3006. If you are ready to engage with us and select your coach, be sure to download the handouts in this section, starting with tips on "Getting the Most Out of Executive Coaching."
An Executive / Leadership Coach may be a great fit for you if you are a leader and one or more of the following scenarios applies to you:
  • You are facing a pressing, compelling, exciting and maybe even an anxiety-producing opportunity, such as a new challenge, a stretch goal or a leadership transition
  • You are grappling with a highly political, ambiguous, risky or otherwise challenging environment where gaining consensus and making important decisions will be vital
  • You need to get a team or teams achieving results in a high stakes situation and recognize that developing others and managing conflict will be critical for success
  • You want to build confidence, self-awareness, influencing skills, executive presence or other critical leadership skills to ensure immediate and ongoing career success
  • You need to accelerate results personally and/or achieve them through others
  • You haven’t managed to capitalize on an early career and/or role successes and want to better understand and address your personal development
  • Your core strengths would benefit from being identified, along with how best to leverage them