Benefits of Executive Coaching

Today's leaders are expected to to do more with less and having a coach can significantly impact what you are able to accomplish. 
The benefits of working with an Executive Coach can best be described through the comments of those who have experienced coaching. We analyzed the feedback from hundreds of leaders with whom we've worked and the following two themes and benefits were reported.

Business Outcome Themes

  • Improved Leadership Skills
  • Improved Relationships (Boss, peers & team)
  • Improved Performance
  • Business Win/Record Sales

Personal Outcome Themes

  • Increased Self-awareness
  • Stronger Inter-personal & Communication Skills
  • Greater Confidence (self-confidence and confidence of others)
  • Promotion

Here's What They're Saying

"Higher motivation to take on bigger responsibilities; higher morale; increased self awareness through 360 feedback .... all led to better communication and increased productivity."
Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry
"Significant technology development effort has been brought back on track due to management techniques from my AJO Coach."
Director, Consumer Electronics
"I have learned to delegate more quickly which has increased my productivity approximately 10%."
Director, Hospitality