Choosing an Executive Coach

Executive Coaching / Leadership Coaching has become one of the preferred approaches to developing senior and high-potential executives. The connection or “fit” between you and your coach is the strongest contributing factor in achieving a successful partnership. It’s so important that we recommend interviewing multiple coaches before deciding with whom you would like to work.

We recommend a three-step process to prepare, assess and select the right coach for you. This process is covered in more detail in the two handouts shown below.
  1. PREPARE – This includes reviewing coach bios/resumes; scheduling one-on-one meetings with prospective coaches and thinking about what you are looking to accomplish ahead of each meeting with potential coaches.
  2. INTERVIEW AND ASSESS – This addresses opening and closing each coaching meeting; asking relevant questions and making specific observations to gather the information necessary to decide which coach is a good fit for you based on your goals.
  3. SELECT – This step involves reflecting on the results of interviews with potential coaches, evaluating fit and communicating your decision.
The handouts below are designed to assist in the coach selection process.
  • Selecting an Executive Coach. This covers the three-step process outlined above in more detail.

  • Executive Coach Interview Worksheet. This worksheet provides a means to assess each coach in three important areas: 
    1. Alignment: The Executive Coach's experience with your developmental objectives.
    2. Enlightenment: How effective the Executive Coach will be in challenging, energizing and developing you.
    3. Engagement: The process and logistics of working with the Executive Coach and the extent to which this meets your needs and schedule.


How to Select An Executive Coach
How to Select An Executive Coach
Executive Coach Interview Worksheet
Executive Coach Interview Worksheet

Here's What They're Saying

"My Executive Coach (Fred) used an action plan that took many hours of discussion to complete. However, the process was extraordinarily valuable."
Director, Pharmaceutical Industry
"Linda's coaching ability really changed my life. I am so much more effective as a leader through awareness of my strengths and development areas. She helped me put together an action plan to make progress; expressed ongoing support; and gave me the confidence that I could meet my goals."
SVP, Financial Services
"Jonathan is a terrific coach. He established trust immediately which faciliated the desired outcomes of the coaching assignment."
Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Industry