Our Approach to Team & Leadership Development

Partner4 Ps Model - Partner, Plan, Perform, Progress

Our clients tell us this is one of our strengths and a key benefit of working with AJO. Our goal is to deliver extraordinary results that exceed your expectations and we pay close attention to the process for getting there. Cultivating a strong relationship and earning your trust are essential steps in our partnering process. As such, our intentions, actions, and behaviors are aligned so you will always know how important you are to us. Together, we’ll figure out how best to support your goals and desired results, whether these are related to development, delivery, or program management.
By successfully partnering with your organization’s thought-leaders and key stakeholders, we'll create a strong foundation for understanding your organization; its culture, people, direction and desired outcomes.


As a first step, we’ll seek to understand where you are today; what you have already accomplished and your goals for the engagement. Using a variety of approaches (e.g. surveys, interviews, executive assessments etc), we’ll gather information to perform a gap analysis – discovering the difference between current leadership skill sets and desired leadership behaviors.
We’ll use the output from this step to recommend powerful development approaches that will give your organization the most development impact for your budget – and together we’ll create the framework for on-going learning.
Learning may include a combination of off-the-shelf workshops and customized learning approaches, such as coaching, mentoring, or e-learning. Or, it may require a fully customized approach to ensure a comprehensive solution for a global workforce.  


AJO offers a network of 100+ senior consultants and facilitators from around the world who have knowledge and expertise in leading individuals and teams through a variety of developmental approaches. These talented professionals offer:
  • Comprehensive experience in emerging, small and mid-sized businesses, as well as Fortune 100 companies. We offer a strong track record in hospitality, biotech, pharma, insurance, financial services, consumer products, security, and healthcare industries in particular
  • An impressive range of coaching experience from 6 – 30 years, with an average of 20 years
  • Certifications in over 30 assessments, including leading psychometric tools
  • Advanced degrees, including MS, MA, MBA, and Ph.Ds
  • Verified training, certifications, affiliations and background to ensure adherence to International Coach Federation and consulting competencies and standards
Paired with an instructional designer, our consultant will partner with you to ensure the learning outcomes align with developmental needs and attention is given to your organization’s processes and initiatives to appropriately reflect the corporate culture.
Multi-faceted solutions are delivered using learning strategies that are preferred by adult-learners. These may include pre and post work, action planning, case studies, workplace simulations and skill/behavior self-assessments.


Whether we partner with you for a single, specific need, or engage on a long term initiative, it’s important that we can measure the value of the offering.
We will work with you to:
  • Capture assessment data for individuals and/or groups
  • Measure knowledge and performance prior to and after an engagement
  • Provide group insights pertaining to focus groups or working sessions
In the case of pilot programs, we’ll help you gather feedback and work with you to make directional changes as needed.