Custom Team & Leadership Development

When it comes to people, team and organizational development, one size does not fit all.  What does your organization need?  Or do you need to collaborate with us figure it out?
While we have existing programs, services and modules that we can implement "off-the-shelf", what our clients truly appreciate is our capability to create and implement custom solutions that are targeted to their specific needs.
Whether you need a workshop or two to fill a gap within your training portfolio, or you want to create a leadership or team development program from the ground up, we can provide you with solutions. Here are some custom development solutions we’ve partnered on with clients recently:
  • A two-day workshop that addressed fundamental skills for teams related to improving communication, navigating conflict, managing priorities, and strengthening relationships
  • An on-going change leadership program for an organization navigating an impending plant closure, including two-day and half-day workshops, as well as a three-hour focus group
  • An enterprise-wide implementation of a leadership assessment and half-day team debriefing workshops
  • A facilitated meeting focused on organizational planning, including two group break-out sessions
We also partner with organizations to create leadership development programs for existing or emerging leaders. These programs are often delivered over a period of time and incorporate components like 360° assessment, executive coaching, workshops, group learning projects, and working sessions.

Here's What They're Saying

"The program was an exceptional opportunity for me to augment my career, and took place during a critical and impactful time in my leadership journey. I experienced a tremendous benefit from executive coaching, which delivered a safe and confidential environment for me to explore ideas, discuss challenges and build successful strategies towards real-time leadership situations. I was honored to have been selected to join this program and thank the many members of my organization and the A.J. O'Connor team that contributed to a very successful experience."
Director, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry
"Excellent program! Very proud to have been a part of it. Coaching & mentoring was incredibly helpful in developing leadership skills, behavior, and style."
Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry