Partnership Results

At AJO, our goal is to help your organization achieve dramatic results in productivity, retention, and the bottom line through the development of your leaders and their teams. The following are examples of our recent work: 

Transformation of a Leadership Team

A major pharmaceutical client engaged AJO to support its efforts to change its culture and transform its leadership at one of the largest sites dedicated to vaccine research, development and production in the world. In this success story, the application of expert facilitation along with proven team and leadership development strategies and approaches were key foundations. The ability to customize services to meet the prevailing conditions, and to do so with a high degree of flexibility, ensured our client’s journey stayed on track. We are pleased to report some impressive short-term results as our pharma client continues its journey to  execute its new vision. Read more.

Mobilizing for Change

To optimize productivity and engagement during a large-scale reorganization, AJO provided change management training to 450 leaders in 5 US regional centers and 20 change agents, who in turn led sessions for over 2000 employees. This initiative:

  • Created a corporate-wide model and process for change
  • Assessed and increased personal, team and organizational readiness for change
  • Produced change action plans for each segment of the organization

Accelerating Leadership Development

Number 1 on a survey of what workers desire from their leaders is “provide me straight feedback”. In response, AJO facilitated multiple waves of half-day leader workshops in a pharmaceutical organization, focusing on coaching skills and powerful conversations in addition to one-on-one coaching, to increase leadership competencies in giving direct feedback.

Building Relationships through Presentation and Negotiation Skills

AJO supported a team of insurance underwriters as they built relationships through effective presentations and negotiations. Half-day workshops offered an action learning approach. Using the Thomas Kilmann Instrument for Conflict Management and audience analysis methods, underwriters learned how to modify style and approach based on desired outcomes and relationship styles.

Improving Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

AJO worked with an IT organization to increase engagement and improve future employee survey results. Facilitating “solution groups” in 4 U.S. and Canadian locations, AJO consultants are supporting associates and coaching key leaders in the organization as they generate and implement solutions, as well as increase leadership effectiveness.

Managing Conflict on a Global Scale

Working with 90 global team members, AJO supported a data management organization to enhance collaboration skills during development and implementation of business critical data management solutions. Through a 3-hour workshop and the Thomas Kilmann Instrument, the team is identifying critical conflict management skills; analyzing common case studies and developing conflict management strategies to increase success.