Our Approach to Executive / Leadership Coaching

AJO’s Executive Coaching / Leadership Coaching practice supports the needs of our clients locally, nationally and internationally. With over 100 executive and business coaches, our talented team offers: 

  • Strong business acumen, coupled with business executive coaching expertise
  • Diverse coaching specialties that allow a strong coach match to the unique needs of every leader
  • Experience in a broad range of industries and functions
  • Coaching expertise that spans all leadership levels from your high-potentials to the C-Suite 

A Four-Phase Approach for Optimal ResultsAJO's Four Phase Partnering Process

Our approach to Executive Coaching / Leadership Coaching focuses on improving a leader's performance and strengthening the connection between the leader's objectives and those of his/her organization.

Our four-phase process (Partner, Plan, Perform and Progress), is designed to:

  • Assess and document a leader's developmental objectives 
  • Involve, communicate and obtain consensus from all stakeholders in the leader's developmental process
  • Review and measure outcomes and accomplishments, including ongoing development recommendations

Trends in the Duration of Executive Coaching 

Trends in Duration of Executive Coaching

AJO's Executive Coaching engagements typically span 3, 6 or 9 months, based on the needs and goals of the leader. Many clients also elect to extend services at the end of the initial engagement. 

Trends noted by AJO and others:

  • There has been a trend towards shorter engagements of 3 and 6 months in recent years
  • Executive Coaching engagements of 12 months duration have also become popular, especially when included as one of several components within a leadership development program or leadership academy.
  • This is consistent with the findings of the Conference Board as noted in its bi-annual Executive Coaching studies. The average length of a coaching engagement is 6 to 9 months, with 6 months as the most commonly reported duration in its 2018 study.
Ask us for more information on coaching studies that we monitor, in addition to our own data.



Executive/Leadership Coaching Overview
Executive/Leadership Coaching Overview