Executive / Leadership Coaching Partnership Results

The central focus of every Executive / Leadership Coaching engagement at AJO is to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of executives so that they can deliver on individual, team and overall business goals.

The degree to which we can demonstrate a financial return on coaching depends on the specific goals, objectives and desired outcomes for each engagement. Some engagements more readily lend themselves to quantitative measurement than others.

Measuring the Impact of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching impact

To measure the ROI of executive/leadership coaching, we elicit input from all stakeholders (the leader, his/her manager, and HR) at the end of each engagement, including feedback on tangible business outcomes.

The following are examples of how we’ve delivered results that not only returned the coaching investment but which also resulted in top and bottom line positive impact to the organization.

  • A Senior Director in the Consumer Electronics Industry used new influencing skills to recognize cost savings in excess of $1.2 million, a 100% increase over the previous year.
  • A Financial Controller in the Hospitality Industry realized bottom-line benefits from improved decision making including $300K savings from team restructuring and $60K after implementing a strategy four months ahead of schedule.
  • A Legal Counsel was promoted to Senior VP and Assistant General Counsel in the ninth week of Executive Coaching with intense focus on developing executive presence and leadership style.
  • A Business Controller in a major pharmaceutical company used Executive Coaching to “thrive” through 2 company acquisitions and achieve promotion to Company Controller.
  • A Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry was nominated to participate in a corporate mentoring program and also earned an outstanding performance review, post-coaching. One year later, the continuing impact of coaching on her success was noted.

End of Coaching Survey Feedback

The following charts provide aggregated feedback on our most recent coaching engagements. You can download the full set of charts in the Executive / Leadership Coaching Outcomes - Stakeholder Feedback PDF below.
End of Executive Coaching Results: Leader Feedback on Impact.
End of Executive Coaching Results: Manager & HR Feedback on Impact.



Executive Coaching Process & Engagement Snapshot
Executive Coaching Process & Engagement Snapshot
Executive Coaching Outcomes - Stakeholder Feedback
Executive Coaching Outcomes - Stakeholder Feedback

Here's What They're Saying

"A.J. O’Connor's Executive Coaches are helping our leadership team to improve our current management approach to become the kind of leaders we need to be for our transition to a culture of engagement, empowerment, and coaching. They are also helping us implement a true collaborative way of working together — based on trust, with a will to help each other to be successful. Their support is proving to be very impactful in fostering our performance as a team and will inevitably result in an enhancement of our Site’s performances in terms of Safety, Quality and Customer Service."
SVP of Industrial Operations - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
"Several of my direct reports are getting better results because I am now able to effectively set boundaries and manage performance. I am able to use my time more effectively to focus on priorities. I have been able to complete several major projects."
SVP, Consumer Electronics
"I have a better understanding now that as a leader I can drive more by leading than simply doing the work. I have allowed my team to take more ownership on projects which has lead to great results, which has been seen by others."
EVP, Financial Services