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Recently Aired on HR Studio Podcast - May 2019

In this edition, we bring you our last five episodes (75-79), all of which explore how to strengthen organizational culture. Our guests address through employee engagement, emotional connection, diversity, and inclusion. One episode explores how to change cultures through human-centered design and agile concepts. Be sure to visit the episode links to access show notes and bonus giveaways our guests have graciously provided our listeners.

From the AJO Blog and Beyond - April 2019

Download a PDF of AJO's April 2019 newsletter, with posts from our top-ranked HR blog and noteworthy studies from beyond our blog. Five posts from the AJO Blog cover executive coaching and the future of work, training investment, a core skill demanded of HR professionals (accuracy), and talent management in the millennial era. From Beyond the AJO Blog: Three studies focus on human capital trends, career risk-taking by women, and more on future work.