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on June 29th, 2017
- Updated on January 29th, 2019
AJO Blogger Kathy Flora shares our recommended Summer reading before she heads off on a 6-day bike ride. She invites us to go on a mental adventure with six handpicked reads to stretch our thinking and broaden perspectives. We hope you'll select one or two to enjoy on your vacation this year.
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on December 19th, 2016
- Updated on July 24th, 2018
If you’re anything like me, you have colleagues, friends and family members for whom deciding on a gift for the holidays is a challenge. You really want to celebrate the relationship during this season, but you also want the gift to be both warmly received and appropriate. Well, how about a great read?  These books on leadership and coaching teams to greatness set just the right tone. And, you can still get them on time for that holiday gathering gift exchange. Enjoy!
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on August 10th, 2016
- Updated on March 21st, 2018
In this part two of our series, AJO Blogger Kathy Flora shares "powerhouse reading recommendations" from her own, as well as the bookshelves of her AJO colleagues. She invites you to share your top leadership picks that we'll feature in a future post. We hope you enjoy our selections and will let us know what you are reading.