Team Development

on February 11th, 2019
- Updated on April 8th, 2019
Factors to consider when planning a team, leadership or related talent development program. We’ll examine the role of a facilitator and explore the pros and cons of having one facilitator versus two. AJO's Senior Consultants/Facilitators weigh in.
on August 31st, 2018
- Updated on September 1st, 2018
How to grow your team’s capacity and effectively drive results. Four things that affect team performance. How to assess and manage the gap in your team's performance. 
on August 21st, 2018
- Updated on August 22nd, 2018
Why and how to integrate team building and philanthropy in your organization. We offer ideas for choosing the right cause with examples from AJO's philanthropic initiatives, which we hope will inspire your organization.