Health & Wellness

Ep 98: Mindfulness - What It Is And Why It’s Important

Ora Nadrich raises the alarm on the impact of stress that is taking its toll on our business and personal lives. Hear Ora explain what mindfulness is and why it’s increasingly important today. Learn several easy to implement techniques to help you manage people and stressful situations and to become more productive. HR leaders will benefit personally from this episode, as well as gain insights into HR's role in supporting others.

90: The Discipline of Pause to Combat Stress in the Workplace

Charles Fred explains how stress impacts organizational performance, where stress originates, and what leaders can do to reign it in. Learn how to ‘pause’ to avoid amplifying stress and what HR leaders can do to address stress within their organizations.

43: The Value of a Healthy Body & Healthy Mind to Your Success

Maryam Sharifzadeh is a yoga expert and the founder/owner of Office Yoga™. She joins us to discuss the health and wellness benefits of office yoga, making the case that health is a pillar on which successful leadership is built.