Diversity & Inclusion

84: How to Elevate Diversity & Inclusion in Your Workplace

Our guest is La’Wana Harris and her episode is especially timely given the current public discourse. La’Wana shares her career and personal story and insights on why and how to change behavior to overcome bias and arrive at a more diverse and inclusive workplace and society. She offers advice for HR Leaders.

78: How To Build Bridges Across Your Organization

How can organizations go from good to great? From great to best? How does creating a culture of respect, trust, and understanding lead to building bridges across an organization? In this episode, Jason Greer shares insights and advice to HR leaders based on his work with organizations in two specific areas - unionization avoidance and diversity and inclusion. 

07: How Unconscious Bias Can Affect a Leader's Decision Making

Katherin Nukk-Freeman discusses how recognizing our Unconscious Biases can make us better leaders and why she decided to start her new venture, SHIFT HR Compliance Training. Katherin has established herself as a dynamic employment law training instructor and industry thought leader, presenting frequently on employment law matters and more recently on Unconscious Bias in the workplace.