Our Approach to Team Development

AJO’s 4-Phase Team Development process provides an analysis of team purpose/objectives, structure, roles, dynamics, performance and the team’s interaction with the organization and market within which the team operates. Thanks to a comprehensive suite of tools, we’re able to track quantifiable results in team composition, dynamics and performance.


By successfully partnering with the team’s leader and key stakeholders, we'll create a strong foundation for understanding the team; its culture, people, direction and desired outcomes. We’ll seek to understand the team dynamics and performance today; what you have already accomplished and your goals for the team. Together we’ll select the team coach that is the best fit for your industry, business and team. And we’ll propose an approach and agree on services that will give you the most impact while also meeting your budget needs.


Using a variety of approaches that typically include surveys, interviews and assessments, we’ll gather information to “map the gap” – discovering the difference between current team performance and the desired team capabilities and results. The planning phase establishes the baseline for measuring team performance, the output from which is used to create a powerful team development map. Instruments that may be used in diagnosing team needs and performance include:
  • The team in 360 – interviews with team leader, members, peers and clients
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • DiSC Team Dimensions Profile
  • Leadership Agility® 360
  • Team Management & Team Performance Profiles (Team Management Systems)
  • EPIC resources - Running the Z


This phase focuses on implementing targeted interventions from the team’s developmental map. This typically includes a variety of activities over a 3-12 month period, including:
  • Educational team workshops
  • Facilitated team interventions
  • Observations & feedback
  • One-on-one, dyad/triad or group coaching
  • Leader coaching
  • Work-group facilitation
  • Targeted interventions
  • Simulations
  • Strategic Planning/Visioning
  • Process re-engineering
  • Team development off-sites
  • Time effectiveness studies
  • Work flow analysis

Jopwell Collection Image of a teamProgress

Whether we partner with you for a single, specific need, or engage on a long term team initiative, it’s important that we quantify progress and measure the impact on team performance. Using today’s assessments and research on team dynamics, it’s possible to measure not only the impact on team performance, but also the shift in the “softer” factors that are critical to team success including relationships, engagement, integration, trust and focus.
We can work with you to:
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and design a team performance dashboard
  • Measure team components and performance prior to and after the engagement


Team Development Overview
Team Development Overview