Team Development / Coaching Partnership Results

team development case study graphic 1Case Study 1

This team development engagement included leadership coaching with the President who was the founder and business owner of a recently acquired company. In addition to executive coaching engagements with the President and select team members, AJO was also asked to support the President in building a cohesive team of nine existing direct reports, while effectively integrating new team members into the operation. AJO congratulates this team for its remarkable commitment and accomplishments. Read More.

team development case study showing change aheadCase Study 2

AJO was engaged to provide leadership coaching to four members of the Executive Team within a division of a pharmaceutical organization. The assignment was subsequently expanded to include two, one-day team development events; one with Vice President and Directors of the Quality Assurance Group and one with their direct reports. When we last checked in, the teams are continuing to function effectively to this day. Read More.

team development case study depicting team workingCase Study 3

This engagement involved the Leadership Team of a global business unit within a pharmaceutical organization. The team included an externally hired leader who was striving for a more strategic mindset in the face of competitive and innovative challenges. Read More.

Case Study 4

Our fourth case study involved support to a leadership team during significant turbulence within the organization and its markets. We captured this story in an AJO Blog Post, Transformation of a Leadership Team and through an infographic (see PDF below), demonstrating how metrics can be used to capture team development progress.



Transformation of a Leadership Team Infographic
Transformation of a Leadership Team Infographic

Here's What They're Saying

“A.J. O’Connor Executive Coaches are helping our leadership team to improve our current management approach to become the kind of leaders we need to be for our transition to a culture of engagement, empowerment, and coaching. They are also helping us implement a true collaborative way of working together —based on trust, with a will to help each other to be successful. Their support is proving to be very impactful in fostering our performance as a team and will inevitably result in an enhancement of our Site’s performance in terms of Safety, Quality and Customer Service.”
Vice President, Pharmaceutical Industry