For over 30 years, A.J. O'Connor Associates (AJO) has built deep relationships based on trust and personalized service. Specializing in the areas of executive coaching, team and leadership development and customized career transition, we support organizations of all sizes. This includes small to mid-size growth organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Executive Coaching

Leading companies around the world realize the importance of providing coaching to their executives. Coaching impacts a company’s performance by strengthening the business’s most fundamental competitive advantage – its executive talent.

Overwhelmed by competing priorities, stretched by role changes, and constrained by time, leaders need professional advice and increased focus to keep up with the complexities and fast pace of today’s business environment.


Every organization experiences change; from individuals moving into new positions, to organizations restructuring and implementing workforce reductions. The transitions that occur inevitably lead to uncertainty, uneasiness and risk for both individuals and organizations. Since 1983, A.J. O'Connor Associates has provided a full range of customized Career Transition solutions; guiding individuals through the complexities of change, turning unforeseen challenges into real opportunities.


Team & Leadership Development

Working closely with client organizations, our goal is to evaluate and understand business challenges and opportunities and to create and implement custom solutions to address them. We can design and deliver the complete solution and/or supplement an organization's team and leadership development initiatives with specific services and expertise as needed.