Leadership Development

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63: Learning To Lead in Times of Disruption & Crisis

Dick Richardson discusses the role that experiential leadership development plays in preparing leaders for disruption. He shares insights gained through a method of experiential learning that uses parallels between modern day and historic military leaders as the guide. He discusses leading in times of stress and chaos; the link between many crises and HR’s areas of responsibility, and a key takeaway from his experiential programs that you won’t want to miss. Dick also shares advice to HR leaders on their personal and professional development.

58: Can Changing Your Body Language Take You From Good to Great?

Non-verbal communication expert Mark Bowden shares insights on how to use body language to purposefully stand out, win trust and gain credibility. He explains how the primitive brain interprets body language and what movements and gestures will positively frame your message. Learn about the SCAN technique for suspending judgments you make about others and understand the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical movements and how they impact your message. 

39: Define Your Leadership By Navigating the 17% Moments

What drives high-performance leadership and emotional intelligence for exceptional leadership? In this episode, Steve Gutzler discusses his work and research, sharing insights on the difference between being a good and great leader. Steve discusses his recently released book, Splash: The Ten Remarkable Traits to Build Momentum in Life and Leadership and shares his top two traits.

13: Research-Based Talent Acquisition

Dr. Steven Lindner shares important insights on talent acquisition and leadership development. From his work in the field of talent acquisition and assessment, Dr. Lindner reveals what research has uncovered on how candidates are selected for interviews, the impact of employment gaps in a resume, and how to mitigate them. He will also share key success factors in hiring and discuss the benefits of instituting leadership development programs.