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Bill Accordino, VP, Talent Development at A.J. O'Connor Associates - AJO
Hi, I'm Bill Accordino, VP, Talent Development and facilitator of AJO's Coaches Forum.
Started in 2000, Coaches Forum meets quarterly, providing an opportunity for AJO Executive/Leadership Coaches, Senior Consultants and HR professionals to network, share and learn.
Meetings cover a range of topics such as:
  • New leadership development concepts, ideas and practices, which are typically facilitated by a member of AJO's coaching team
  • Noteworthy techniques, tools, and assessments
  • New (and sometimes classic) book reviews and recent research
  • Conference and seminar debriefs (E.g. Conference Board's Executive Coaching Conference)
  • Best practices in the field of coaching and team and leadership development, including process review and improvements
  • Case studies, including what's working and support for members with challenging assignments
  • Guest speakers who are experts in their field
If you are an HR, LD or OD professional, send us a message if you'd like to attend a future Forum. We'd love to have you!
Check the Events Calendar to see when the next Coaches Forum is scheduled.