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The Best Online Resources for Job Seekers - Introduction

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January 24th, 2018

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January 9, 2019 - 9:14am
This is the intro post to a six-part series on the best online resources for job seekers.
Like every other aspect of our lives, the internet has revolutionized the way we find work. If you are a job seeker, you may have already discovered the many ways that online tools and resources can help. Today's job seeker can:
  • Research careers, industries, and salaries
  • Search for jobs in a myriad of places
  • Create an online presence to be found online
  • Find third-party recruiters (retained search firms, contingency recruiters, and staffing agencies)
  • Conduct background research on target employers to prepare for interviews
But this vast array of tools is overwhelming. There are literally thousands of websites, search engines and apps to choose from. In fact, there are so many it would be impossible to use them all, so which sites are the most important and useful for job seekers? 
Job seekers looking for best websites online
As we began looking at the possibility of a post on this subject, it quickly became obvious that one article wouldn’t be enough. The initial idea that we focus on some of the latest web tools quickly blossomed into a much longer list, and a series of articles, each with a focus on the best web resources for specific aspects of the search. 
Of all the resources, which are the best and how can they best be used? What’s new for job seekers? Answers to these questions are all based on what a job seeker is trying to accomplish.
In a series of posts, we answer these questions, breaking down the best resources into the following six categories:
  1. Search: The Best Online Resources for Finding & Applying for Jobs
  2. Network: Proactive Job Search Strategies - How to Get Noticed & Land Faster
  3. Identify and Evaluate Recruiters: Why & How to Leverage Recruiters in Your Job Search 
  4. Interview/Negotiate: How to Succeed at Interviews and Salary Negotiation
  5. Research: How to Leverage the Library & Internet For Your Job Search Research
  6. Manage: How to Organize Your Job Search - Advice, Tools & Resources

AJO Career Coach - Mike BallardMike Ballard is an AJO Career Coach & Trainer with 10 years experience providing career transition consulting services to 1,900+ professionals in transition, including C-Level executives, program and project managers, sales managers & account reps, IT, software developers, technicians, engineers, insurance & administrators. Mike specializes in helping job seekers understand hiring technologies and developing effective career marketing strategies to find the right job and employer.