Our Approach to Career Transition

Our goal is to partner with our clients to design and deliver cost-effective strategies and affordable career transition programs that provide high-quality support to employees who are impacted by a workforce reduction.

What you can expect from us:

  • A single point of contact one of our experienced Client Engagement Managers who will partner with you to ensure your expectations are exceeded.
  • An innovative program delivery model that is designed to yield a better return on your investment as well as to deliver improved program outcomes. Our model offers participants significant flexibility by offering services that can be used over time.
  • Uncompromising high quality from AJO's career coaches who possess a rich mix of career coaching and business backgrounds coupled with a wealth of experience; advanced degrees, including M.S.’s, M.A.’s, M.B.A.’s and Ph.D.’s; 16 years of coaching/consulting experience on average. Plus, several of our coaches share their knowledge and expertise in both business and academic settings.
  • My Career Navigator Program RoadmapA commitment to learning resources and technology tools that provide participants a competitive edge in today's dynamic job market. Our formula for success is in understanding, leveraging and integrating technology and social media with traditional approaches to career transition and career management.
  • A high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to ensure we are there when you need us and your specific needs are met promptly.
  • Timely progress reporting via online, real-time reporting and/or emailed reports.
Our President, Andrew O’Connor III is always personally available to clients and participants, tapping his extensive network for the benefit of senior executive candidates in particular.
We are confident you will not find a team of staff and career coaches who are more professional, knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do than here at AJO.


If your answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, contact us to learn more about AJO's approach to configuring career transition services that get results. 

Has it been a while since you purchased career transition services? Are you purchasing the same programs today that you bought ten years ago? Why does this matter?

If you are purchasing career transition programs of less than six months duration, chances are that services are running out before impacted employees have successfully transitioned. The average job search duration in the U.S. today is 27 weeks and typically, organizations purchase programs that are of a much shorter duration. We can offer a delivery option that addresses this problem. Our clients think so too, as they’ve switched to our more robust option for their impacted employees and now enjoy a better return on their outplacement investment. 

Want to know what components of career transition services are most valued? What components are the least likely to be used and why?

Individualized consulting, with a personally assigned senior career coach and fully integrated technology tools and resources, (available anywhere, anytime) are the most valued components of career transition services. The use of office space has declined precipitously in the last decade and fewer than 10% of your associates will use an office when one is included in the program. We’ll help you configure services that address the needs of those in career transition today – which includes uncompromising high quality coaching and access to technology tools and resources until successful transition. You will only pay for an office when an office is required.

Do you need help configuring career transition services for a special group or project? Is your budget tight and some “out of the box” solution is needed?

 At AJO, we partner with clients to custom design services for non-standard situations. We have several creative options up our sleeves where traditional career transition configurations just don’t work. This includes services that allow individuals to continue working where a facility is closing over a period of time or geographically distributed employees that would have participated in a workshop if they were in the same location.


AJO Career Transition Services Differentiators
AJO Career Transition Services Differentiators
How to Select an Outplacement Firm
How to Select an Outplacement Firm

Here's What They're Saying

"Please extend our thanks to everyone at A.J. O'Connor for the positive and uplifting experience our employees were able to take away from the workshops. Everyone expressed appreciation and praise for the process and in particular for their workshop leader, Katie. As each group returned from the workshop, their increased motivation and their sense of future were apparent. Thanks so much. We look forward to continuing to work with you and the folks at A.J. O'Connor."
VP, HR - Manufacturing Industry
"[Katie's] weekly guidance and coaching, helping me with resume optimization and my LinkedIn profile, AJ O’Connor’s frequent fantastic webinars, access to the wealth of information in the job portal, all the preparation the interviews gave me, allowed me to win; set me up to succeed. There is absolutely no question that all the expert services that AJO provided was a key part of my success, ultimately leading to wonderful new career."
National Sales Manager - Safety and Security Technologies
" What impressed me the most was how willing everyone was to help whenever there was a problem or an issue. I also enjoyed meeting people who are in the same career transition situation as me. It's helpful to talk and to collaborate with peers for ideas and networking oportunities. Never did I ever feel like a number or like a client. I felt like I was part of the team. I sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort that was spent with me on my behalf, and you made the career transitiion not only painless but fun."
Area Sales Manager - Biopharma Industry