Personal Career Coach

Getting Answers from the Experts

Our highly personalized approach recognizes that everyone’s situation is different. We understand that each person has a unique set of circumstances, needs and/or concerns that demand individual attention. Your personally assigned Career Coach will work with you to understand your needs and provide you with a focused approach to planning your future, beginning with immediate next steps. 

Your program may include any of the following components necessary to support your short and long term goals:

  • Assessment of your background, career goals and options
  • Personal assessment of your interests, values, skills etc.
  • Research and exploration of the market and career options
  • Understanding and enhancing your brand, including online presence
  • Effective use of LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Development of your resume, bio and other marketing materials
  • Assessment of effective job search strategies
  • Advanced networking/relationship building techniques
  • Simulation to strengthen interviewing and communication
  • Negotiation skills development


Here's What They're Saying

"My coach was outstanding. I learned a great deal about myself and feel like I had someone who I not only trusted 100% but also someone who was truly invested in my success as an employee of any company and as a person."
Senior Director, Consumer Products
"Mike provided very valuable information. Particularly with LinkedIn. After consulting with Mike, the interest I received from recruiters rose exponentially. Before Mike, I never received any contact from recruiters. This is just a small example of the help I received from Mike."
Engineer/IT - Utlility
“Your program and my consultant’s support and guidance were invaluable. When I was unemployed three years ago, it took me one year to find a job. It took me a very long time to work out my “story” and revise my resume multiple times based on interviews that did not go well. This time my consultant helped me work through the initial emotions of leaving a job, develop my story and my resume quickly, before I had the first interview. My interviews were better because I was prepared and confident. The networking seminars and my consultant’s encouragement to get me to network resulted in the intelligence that led to this job offer. I can’t be more pleased and grateful.”
Senior Business Analyst, Financial Services