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92: How To Enable Employees To Grow Their Organizations

Elay Cohen discusses his work enabling employees and organizations in order to accelerate business growth. He argues that HR leaders can be part of the strategic business conversation by coming to the table with an enablement-first mindset for modern learning. Listen in to hear Elay's perspectives on engagement versus enablement, the importance of digital transformation in accelerating change, and the importance of personalized learning aligned to business goals and metrics. 

88: Transformation through Quality, Improvement, and Innovation

Marcia Daszko is one of the world’s leading business strategists and catalysts for leadership and organizational transformation. In this episode, she discusses her early mentors and what she believes is a loss of fundamental leadership strategies. She draws a distinction between improvement and innovation and outlines steps leaders can take to change the status quo. Read on for Marcia’s post podcast reflections.  

86: Have You Activated Your Leadership Courage?

Bill Treasurer believes the world needs more courageous leaders. In this episode, he shares how he found his courage and offers advice on how you can find yours. Bill explains what courage is, the different types of courage, and the role that gender and career progression plays in the type of courage that a person will manifest. He offers advice on how to develop your courage and to inspire a climate of courage around you.