What to Expect from Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Goals

An AJO Executive Coach will partner with you to reach agreed goals that enhance your development; strengthen your performance; and better equip you for the challenges of today's and tomorrow's leadership roles. To learn more about the type of goals we support, please check out Executive Coaching Goals We Support. 
Your Executive Coach will play several important roles during the process. In part, he/she will act as an advisor, sounding board, manager, strategist, and guide. The Executive Coach also role involves helping you increase self-awareness, expand your thinking, and uncover your potential.


Through a combination of the following activities, you’ll build confidence, strengthen performance, and achieve results in your goal areas.

  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Learning Assignments
  • Assessments
  • Feedback
  • Developmental Activities
  • Progress Reviews

Executive Coach Meetings

In a typical coaching engagement, you and your Executive Coach will meet twice a month. This meeting can be face-to-face or virtual, depending on what works best. Coaching can last anywhere from three months to twelve or more months.

Your Manager's Role

Your manager may play an important role as well by sharing data or feedback for assessments and surveys; evaluating progress and measuring outcomes and providing support along the way.

Feedback on the Impact of CoachingFeedback on Executive Coaching

At the end of the coaching engagement, you will be asked to share your confidential feedback on the impact that coaching has had on your leadership capabilities, as well as the benefits overall to your organization. Your manager and HR are also asked to provide feedback.
We would appreciate your taking time to share your experience, so that we may share aggregated information to others who are considering executive coaching (as shown in the chart) and so that we can improve our own capabilities.
To see more information on executive coaching outcomes, see our  Executive Coaching Partnership Results.


How to Get the Most Out of Executive Coaching
How to Get the Most Out of Executive Coaching

Here's What They're Saying

"The greatest area for improvement for me has been around delegation. There is no doubt in my mind, the mind of my associates, or that of my manager that there have been drastic changes in my delegation skills since my coaching assignment."
VP, Chemicals Industry
"Excellent Coach! The coaching assignment has made me a stronger leader increasing my impact on the organization. It has also opened the eyes to senior management on the positive aspects of a coaching engagement for high potential leaders."
SVP, Insurance
"The big take away from my coaching engagement is that I approach my new leadership role fully confident, fully engaged and inspired to be the best possible leader I can be for my team, our business and for myself. The experience I've had working with Leanne Leonard as my coach is counted among my professional highlights and I will take these learnings and this experience with me through the entirety of my work and my life."
Director, Manufacturing