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When considering your career transition, the most accessible and most affordable way to find your next opportunity is through LinkedIn. It is the world’s largest professional network, with over 1 billion members in more than 200 countries and territories. Users can connect with past colleagues, recruiters, prospective hiring managers, HR directors and fellow professionals in […]

Have you questioned if you’re on the best professional path? You are not alone. Career transitions have become increasingly common in today’s constantly evolving job market. Fifty-two percent of Americans are contemplating a career change, and 44% are already making a change. It is essential to find your job fulfilling, especially considering most Americans work […]

Onboarding is more than introducing the new hire to the team and handing them administrative paperwork. It is your company’s first impression, and this impression sets the groundwork for your new hire’s success. The goals and benefits of onboarding far outweigh the initial investment. That said, companies are seeing almost 40% of new hires leave […]

Layoffs are challenging for all parties, but the company’s success depends on how its leaders navigate the uncertainty and keep their remaining workforce engaged. One study found that even a 1% downsize can result in a 31% increased turnover rate. So, how do you re-engage your employees and avoid the mass exodus that often accompanies […]

Gone are the days of punching in, keeping quiet, and punching out. Today, employees want genuine connections at work from their managers and coworkers alike. EY’s empathy in business report found that mutual empathy between leaders and employees creates a safe, agile culture that increases efficiency, creativity, job satisfaction and innovation. That said, 52% of […]

What is a “Stay Interview,” and why should you conduct them? Stay interviews are an excellent opportunity for managers to gauge their personal performance as leaders and their employees’ satisfaction. Through properly and consistently conducted interviews, companies will see improved retention rates and a more positive company culture. The Do’s and Don’ts While these interviews […]

The traditional notions of leadership are being challenged. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data reported a 10% increase in layoffs from 2022 to 2023. The start of 2024 looks to be following the trend. Fox Business reports major companies in all sectors are preparing for a reduction in force (RIF). When navigating these choppy waters, […]

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), in partnership with PwC, estimated the global revenue from coaching to be over $4.56 billion. Clearly, it’s a vibrant and growing investment for leaders across vertical industries, with 99% of coached leaders expressing satisfaction with their coaching experience. This being said, today’s world requires data to back up investments, even […]

Strong leaders understand that, like change, leadership practices are dynamic. With 2024 underway, the pace of change continues to accelerate, and leaders must evolve to meet the moment with new techniques and a growth mindset that is ready to tackle new and evolving challenges. To thrive in today’s globalized and technologically advanced world, leaders must […]