4 Keys to Building a More Effective Organization

Successful Organizations are Built By Design

Organizations come in all different shapes and sizes, but how can they all best optimize for effectiveness? What makes one business thrive while another crumbles? It’s simple: successful organizations are built by design and use care in their processes. The most successful among them have key attributes that set them apart. The following are just a few ways in which your business can set itself up for sustainable growth.

1. Set a clear mission and vision that is aligned to strategic goals.

Your business mission statement is something that the rest of your goals and actions will be built from. This statement not only verbalizes your organization’s values and vision, but also showcases specifics that your business will accomplish. It will answer questions such as the purpose of your organization, how you will work to accomplish your goals, and what you can offer your clients or consumers. According to Forbes, the benefits for writing and executing a mission statement are many. In their article on “The Importance of Having a Mission-Driven Business,” they discuss how utilizing mission statements help drive engagement and improve leadership. Your values can be stated in a way that fits best with your business but consider being as specific as possible. This specificity will then help you achieve your tangible goals and markers.

2. Shape an engaging workplace culture where employees unite around a shared set of values.

Workplace culture plays a significant role in how effectively your organization can run. For example, consider your physical work environment. Does it reflect your culture? Some businesses might need more open spaces so that teams can bounce ideas off of each other and more easily collaborate, while some require more closed off spaces that prioritize concentration and external work (i.e., client calls and meetings). Consider again how your workplace culture and space can, and has, shifted during the past year or so of the pandemic. As businesses continue to utilize “work from anywhere” or hybrid work models, measurements that will help their company culture continue to thrive, even without a physical workspace, need to be considered and implemented. No matter how your organization operates, creating a culture that runs consistently across how and where you operate will help your overall effectiveness. This, in turn, will create the time and space for your employees to work together as a team.

3. Establish ongoing talent development to build accountability and collaboration.

Empowering your workers to be a team is vital to a successful business. You want your employees to both build themselves up and work towards personal and professional goals, as well as work within a team to create a collaborative and goal-driven environment. There is a lot of internal growth that can come from building up your team, but there are also opportunities for talent acquisition in HR and hiring. While growing your business from the teams you already employ is great for company morale, sometimes hiring externally is what’s needed to have the best people on the job to meet your goals.

4. Nurture leadership that empowers creativity, decision making, and teamwork.

You can’t have a successful business without a strong leadership team. Leadership goes so far beyond the CEO or President of the company; it applies to every layer of the entire organization. As always, leadership styles differ from person to person, but in order to make your business more effective, your leaders should follow a similar set of ideals and should fit into a similar leadership profile. Having similarities between different levels of executives can help streamline business strategy and establish culture consistency. All of your leaders should work to empower their employees to do their best individually and collectively. When these execs follow the mission statement and prioritize talent development, they can create a company culture that prepares your team to meet organization objectives and goals.

While there are many more ways to promote goals and effectiveness in your organization, these four are a great place to start. By focusing on your business values, your staff, and your leadership plan, you can more easily achieve your goals. Here at AJO, we believe that organization, management, and company culture are the foundations for business success. Contact us to learn how we can help you build your organization’s effectiveness from within.

Post by AJO

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