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93: How Is HR Driving Innovation In Your Organization?

Innovation expert Tristan Kromer connects the dots for HR Leaders between the company innovation strategy and the role that HR can and should play. He discusses the importance of an experimentation mindset and culture, offering practical suggestions that HR can leverage. 

75: How to Apply Human-Centered Design and Agile Concepts in HR

Jeff Gothelf, an author, speaker, and executive coach, focuses on helping organizations build better products and executives build better cultures that build better products. Jeff will challenge you to think about what people will be doing differently if a program or initiative is successful. Learn what it means to be agile and the role that HR can play in leading transformation. 

61: How Can HR leaders Model Better Brainstorming?

John Storm returns to HR Studio Podcast to define brainstorming, explain how brainstorming originated, and highlight the drawbacks in its original application. He shares some of the techniques and discusses what to consider when choosing one. John offers HR leaders advice on modeling better brainstorming techniques and invites listeners to obtain his “Brainstorming Packet.” 

60: Creating a Culture of Innovation

Many companies talk about ‘innovation’ when asked about their company’s mission or how they engage employees and bring about change. But the reality is that leaders are not always aligned with their definition of innovation and employees do not always feel the freedom to generate new ideas. John Storm defines innovation, highlighting the diverse views around its definition. He identifies the obstacles that can inhibit successful innovation and shares his approach to helping navigate choppy waters during the innovation process. Finally, he offers advice for organizations who are trying to drive innovation. 

52: Creative Practices that Lead to Everyday Brilliance

In this episode, Todd Henry, the founder of Accidental Creative, explains how organizations can create an environment in which creativity can flourish. He describes the two critical factors that live in tension with each other; who creatives are and what they want and need to be successful; and how leaders can support “fast-twitch” and ‘slow-twitch’ thinkers. Finally, he addresses the role that HR can play and the influence that its leaders can have in shaping the creative culture.

49: Creativity and Innovation – Finding those Amazing, Breakthrough Ideas

Expert Dr. Amy Climer discusses the potential pitfalls and roadblocks to innovation and offers ideas and steps that leaders can take to build a culture of creativity within their teams and organizations. 

33: The Performance Management Revolution

Dr. Anna Tavis provides insight to the drivers of change in performance management systems. She discusses the benefits achieved from overhauling these systems and urges HR professionals to get educated on the latest designs and techniques, and to acquire skills necessary to revamp performance management and other outdated systems in their organizations.

32: Design Thinking in HR – Start With The Employee Experience First

Anthony Onesto, a business leader with more than 18 years of strategy, product, recruiting, and human resources experience, defines design thinking and addresses how HR can get started in creating programs and solutions around the employee experience.

22: Disruption in HR

What do you find disruptive in HR? What does HR need to do to reinvent itself to minimize the disruption, to navigate the changing landscape and to rebrand itself to its business partners - to ensure a seat at the table? Nancy Harris joins Kyle O’Connor to discuss these thought-provoking topics.

09: The Future of HR

Author, speaker, trend-watcher and HR thought-leader Ian Ziskin gives listeners a preview of tomorrow’s Human Resources function and skill sets. Ian’s global leadership experience includes serving as CHRO in Northrop Grumman, Qwest Communications and TRW. He has written two books: THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive and Willbe: 13 Reasons WillBe’s are Luckier than WannaBe’s. He’s a contributing author to The Rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders.