Coaching and Team Building Tips for Virtual Teams

Remote work isn’t new. Researchers have been studying the positives and negatives of remote work for a while. However, since COVID, remote work has taken center stage, and companies that weren’t ready for telework were thrown into a new work environment headfirst. Today, 35% of employees with jobs that can be done from home now work remotely. While less than the initial onslaught of remote workers when COVID forced companies to quarantine and social distance, it is still a significant increase from the 7% pre-pandemic. This unprecedented need for companies to adopt remote work has brought some issues with telecommuting to the forefront.

One of the biggest challenges of remote work for the employee is feeling disconnected from their team. Thankfully, virtual team building can help close this gap. The most effective team building programs help employees forget they’re not sitting in the same office by promoting emotional connections with each other. A few noteworthy ways to do this include team building activities, increased communication, and remote worker culture and talent training.

Encouraging Bonding with Virtual Team Building Activities

There are several team building options when it comes to increasing remote bonding. However, which ones to choose depends on your work environment. To get your teams started, there are three categories of team building activities to consider: icebreakers, games, and retreats.

Virtual Meeting Icebreakers

Virtual icebreakers include activities at the start of a meeting that help team members get to know each other. These are typically in the form of some fun questions, a game, or a quiz. These activities help create a relaxed atmosphere, so it’s easier for everyone to connect.

Online Team Games & Challenges

Games or challenges that encourage teamwork and friendly competition help engage employees in a non-work-related way. This team building technique allows remote coworkers to form bonds with each other that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to create.

Virtual Retreats

A virtual retreat requires a little more forethought and planning. While the team may not be in the same physical place, they spend the same designated time together, focusing on team building exercises, goal setting, and relaxation such as virtual lunches, birthday celebrations or happy hours.

Increasing Virtual Communication with Communication Platforms

People feel the most disconnected from their team when there isn’t enough communication. Consistent communication keeps your team members in the loop and allows them to clarify any concerns or questions about projects they are working on.  

One of the best ways to encourage open communication is to provide multiple ways to communicate. Communication platforms like video calls, instant messaging, email, and collaborative platforms help virtual teams maintain constant and consistent communication.    

Remote Workplace Culture and Talent Development With AJO

Another way to increase your virtual team’s connection is by providing relevant training. At AJO, we enhance cohesion and strengthen connections within remote teams through tailoredwork culture and talent development training for both team members and leaders.

Creating a Positive Remote Workplace Culture

Creating a positive workplace culture takes work. Thankfully, with our HR consulting services, you can unite your employees around a shared set of values that align with your business strategy.

Virtual Talent Development

When you focus on developing the talent already in your organization, you can optimize the value your team provides to the company and increase their confidence in their skill set. With our talent development services, you can activate your virtual team’s talent by increasing the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of the team.

There are several ways to create an environment that fosters engagement and connection among remote workers. We encourage you to try some that seem like a good fit for your organization and observe the difference it makes in your team’s attitude and dedication to the company, their team, and their work. Ready to get started? Contact AJO today.

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