What is Executive / Leadership Coaching?

Coaching can take many forms, based on the goals and objectives of the leader and his/her team and organization.
Within our practice, AJO has seen a shift towards development-focused coaching and the use of coaching as one component in a leadership development program aimed at developing high-potential leaders. These are the most common requests we are receiving for coaching services today.
In its 2016 bi-annual study, the Conference Board identified and defined nine types of coaching (see chart below), while noting,

"......organizations currently emphasize three distinct types of coaching for both their external and internal coaching programs: development -focused coaching to broaden capability for future roles; 360 debrief and other assessment tools to build self-awareness about how they are perceived by peers and followers; and performance-focused coaching to reduce performance gaps and build new capabilities in a current role."

Source: Conference Board Global Executive Coaching Survey 2016